Focus on sustainability

Supporter of the broiler chicken initiative

We support the "Europäische Masthuhn-Initiative" ( of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Environment for more animal welfare and better husbandry standards in chicken fattening. Therefore, Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur GmbH for company catering declares to adequately implement the requirements of the "Europäische Masthuhn-Initiative" for 100% of the chicken meat sourced in Europe together with its suppliers until 2026.

Transparency of origin

Pig: 3D (fattening/rearing, slaughter, cutting in Germany) and/or QS seal. Beef: 4D (origin, fattening/rearing, slaughter, cutting in Germany) and/or QS seal.

Improved egg quality

Use of eggs and egg products from at least barn management.



No food waste

Food belongs on the plate and not in the garbage can. That's why we make sure to use ingredients as holistically as possible: Nearly 100% of the products we use are fully processed. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the taste.

We dispose of the small amount of food waste via ReFood in compliance with the law. This produces high-quality fertilizers and environmentally friendly energy. For more information, visit the ReFood website at

Good conscience when delivering and packaging our menus!

We strive to be as climate-friendly as possible, for example by optimizing transport routes and the utilization of our in-house trucks. The menu cartons are made from recycled (waste paper) material as far as technically possible. We permanently implement energy efficiency measures. And are certified for applied energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 by DQS GmbH.

The complete transport ans packaging are CO2 neutral!

We offset unavoidable emissions in cooperation with myclimate and support a carbon offset project in Nepal, Terai Arc region. There, biogas plants benefit Nepalese families. All menu packaging and the entire transport are thus CO2 neutral!