The real Taste

As a menu manufactory, the quality and taste of our menus are very important to us. We want to offer our customers a good feeling when eating our traditionally produced meals. A genuine taste and exquisite spices without additives are the hallmark of our meals.

Try our manufactory handwriting and enjoy an original taste with our natural recipes.

Today's lifestyle and health consciousness of our society are in a state of change. There is a growing demand for clean products that are clearly declared. We associate tradition with trust and we would like to give you this trust in our menus.

Our Purity Law

With the natural menus from our menu manufactory we guarantee you unadulterated taste:

  • no flavor enhancers
  • no preservatives*
  • no artificial colorants
  • no artificial flavorings
  • no nature-identical flavorings
  • no broken down vegetable proteins
  • no yeast extract
  • no phosphates**

* with the exception of nitrite curing salt
** for our own meat and sausage products

Holistic Palm Oil Strategy

Purity law extended

  • Elimination of palm fat/palm oil where possible.
  • Use of only sustainably certified palm fat/palm oil in individual ingredients.

Guaranteed GMO-free

All raw materials are free of genetically modified organisms.

All eligible suppliers have provided us with appropriate confirmation that the raw materials they source do not contain any food or ingredients produced from genetically modified organisms in accordance with EU Regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003.

Guaranteed GMO-free feed for dairy products

Cream, sour cream, fresh milk.