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10 BIOPAP®-facts!

1) Packaged by mother nature - sustainable raw materials

Renewable materials are used almost exclusively in the manufacture of BIOPAP® trays, helping save finite resources. The packaging cellulose is sourced from FSC®/PEFC™-certified sub-suppliers and comes 100 % from European forests.

2) Less waste - compostable and therefore degradable in 90 days

The BIOPAP® tray is compostable according to European Standard EN 13432 and therefore degradable in 90 days. The BIOPAP® tray can be disposed of in bio-waste where regional waste regulations permit.

3) NO WASTE - Saving resources in all areas

The complete BIOPAP® manufacturing process is material and energy optimised. For example, the manufacturer uses electricity from renewable energy and returns stamping residues to paper production. This ensures that only minimal waste is produced.

4) There is no plastic in our packaging!

The BIOPAP® tray consists almost exclusively of cellulose – without plastic film and PET film.
The inner side of the casing is equipped with a special coating – similar to that of baking paper. This shiny, smooth surface is not plastic!

5) Stable shape!

The BIOPAP® trays are temperature resistant and can be used in both traditional ovens (at 150 °C to 175 °C), with hot-air devices (at 140 °C) as well as in standard microwave ovens (at 800 or 1000 watts).

6) Cool on the outside - hot on the inside

BIOPAP® trays do not get as hot as aluminium trays, the food remains hot, without you burning your fingers.

7) Looks are important: taste and appearance

The BIOPAP® tray is food-safe and therefore ensures optimal product protection and good shelf life. It is tasteless, for the full and unaltered flavour of our dishes.

8) No paper tiger! Tested by the Fraunhofer Institute**

The BIOPAP® tray has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT with regard to carbon footprint  and end-of-life phase. The result: the BIOPAP® tray offers benefits in all end-of-life scenarios compared to trays containing plastic.

9) For you, exclusively from us

Due to the increasing demand for environmentally-friendly packing alternatives, we have developed the BBIOPAP® tray for our customers in co-operation with our partners.

10) Gold for BIOPAP®! We are packaging prize winners

Our natural beauty has been recognised: in September 2020 the meal manufacturer Hofmann received the German Packaging Award with the Gold Award in the category of sustainability. What for?
For BIOPAP®, naturally!


*   Exceptions: Our soup starters are still supplied in aluminium trays, lasagne comes in a composite tray.

** Study of the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT. The study focused on the carbon footprint and end-of-life phase of the BIOPAP® tray compared to trays containing plastic according to current disposal technology. July 2016