Portion-accurate, flexible, and profitable

The profitable catering system with the optimal use of goods by a portion-precise preparation.

The Hofmann menu manufacturer has developed a special »Component Menu« for modern healthcare catering providing patients and residents with flexible and economical menus. The system is based on a wide range of menu components, which can be combined to create precise portions. All packaging is easy to open and the products can be individually and flexibly removed. And only the needed and eaten food is prepared.  You benefit from the simple preparation and the absolutely profitable use of goods. Your guests profit from our variety and the exceptionally high enjoyment. Our food is a good basis to improve the recovery and the general well-being of your guests.

The centrepiece of the project are the individual menu components made of  three different product forms:

Small blocks

Portions frosted in big and small block forms:
(For example, meat and fish dishes in a sauce, pasta dishes and casseroles, blended vegetables, mashed potatoes, and sauces)

- For individual removal -

Bulk goods

Small or loosely frozen products
(for example, "natural" vegetables, pasta and rice)

- For flexible removal -

Piece goods

Larger loosely frozen products
(for example, chicken breast fillet, meatballs, fish fingers)

- For individual sticks -

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