Diverse requirements - individual solutions

In a stationary facility, many different people come together under one roof: Older and younger people, men, women, children, different nationalities and as a consequence many different demands and eating habits meet here.  

People and clinical pictures are very different. The same applies to the meal requirements to be met in a hospital or clinic.

We at the Hofmann Menu Manufacture develop solutions suitable for your institution and your budget.  Because of the huge cost pressure in the entire health system and the associated increasing competition, the institutions of our health system must at the same time reduce costs and improve quality.  Of course, this also applies to the care sector. In this context, the Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann offers you high-quality catering solutions with system for your institution:

  • Patient-oriented
  • Tailor-made
  • Professional
  • Profitable

We help you to optimize all catering processes in a holistic and long-term way which gives you additional freedom to focus on your core tasks!

The following check list offers you a decision aid for the selection of the appropriate catering form for your meal management.


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