Complete Menus - Menu Service

Our menu service is the ideal basis for easily creating varied menus. This catering system includes approximately 200 senior-friendly menus in the various diets that we deliver to our meal service customers in convenient 8 or 10-box cases.

Complete Menus - Select à la carte

What's special about our Select a la carte program is that your meal service customers can personalize their favorite menus from the entire menu catalog. The selected menus are then put together by us to individual 7-week packages.

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Complete Menus - Microwave Menus

If it should be fast and flexible, our range for the microwave is the ideal alternative! Take the opportunity to put together seven favorite menus individually.

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Hofmann Drink Menu

Our varied drinking and complementary food is prepared with the best ingredients, traditionally crafted and finely passed. The nutrient profile of the drinking menus is energetically balanced, flavor variations provide variety. The preparation is uncomplicated in the microwave.

Hofmann Additional Assortments

Integrate your meal service offer with cakes and tarts, ice cream and yogurts, desserts and much more!



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