The Menue Lounge - your restaurant easy as online shopping!

Discover your advantages with our modern order platform Menue Lounge. Quick and easy for the safe administration of your company restaurant.

Are you a company?

Easy handling, high transparency
and quick transaction of administrative tasks.

Cost control
through planning security.

Optimizing your resources -
more freedom and flexibility.

Simple and flexible, fully digital billing
through connection to your systems.

Find out what is important to your employees -
focus on your social benefits for your employees!

Are you a dinner guest?

Pick your favorite menu up to 1 hour before your break -
just the way you like it and simply via PC or smartphone.

Do you love meat, live vegetarian or vegan?
Put together your meal plan as you wish!

Enjoy manufactory quality with your
colleagues or at home like in a restaurant!

Our team will take care of the setup and support for you.

We would gladly advise you, contact us:
Telephone: 07930 6010

Efficient management of your staff catering - now with



Mr. Jürgen Maciejek
is at your disposal for any questions, suggestions and further information!

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