Fit and healthy in old age - thanks to a balanced diet

Being fit, healthy and capable is not a matter of age, but depends on a conscious, healthy lifestyle including the daily good hot meal. This meal is not just an important nutritional contribution, but also a guarantee of enjoyment and joie de vivre! That's why at the Menu-Manufaktur Hofmann we offer specially tailored diets: From home-cooked to light meals and menus with BE specification to vegetarian specialties, pureed food and Hofmann drinking menu.

Our menus are always adapted to the most innovating nutritional findings and the current requirements in the field of catering for elderly people. At the same time, the Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann cooperates with a large number of well-known institutions and nutritional experts.

Here you will find information from the DGE (German Nutrition Society/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung) on nutrition in old age.

The Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann was awarded the DGE logo for the menu line »single serving dishes - food on wheels”.  The basis is a four-week menu, designed according to the "DGE quality standard for food on wheels". Since it is part of a partial catering, this menu can ideally contribute to a balanced and healthy diet in the living environment "food on wheels”.



The Hofmann nutritional counselling
is at your disposal for any questions, suggestions and further information!

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