Information about the nutrition of children and adolescents

In the following you can find three principles important for the general diet of children and adolescents:

  1. abundant = energy-free and low-energy drinks, fruits, vegetables, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta     
    These foods form are the basis of a balanced diet and provide plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibres, but low fat and energy.

  2. moderate but regular = milk & dairy products, meat, fish, sausage, eggs 
    These foods provide high quality protein and minerals such as calcium, iodine, iron and zinc.

  3. economic = fats and oils, high-fat snacks, sweets, sweet foods and drinks
    These foods should be used sparingly. For fats and oils, you have to select high quality varieties.

Food plan design according to requirements

We are glad to create tailor-made menus for your facility. It is also possible to easily create a suitable menu sequence, by taking into consideration religious requirements, vegetarians or allergies and intolerances.

Further information

In our brochures you can find more information on infant and child nutrition. These can be requested under informational material.



The Hofmann nutritional counselling
is at your disposal for any questions, suggestions and further information!

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