A good basis!

A healthy, well-balanced diet in childhood is the basis of our health and physical development. Furthermore, at this age, the nutritional behaviour is essentially shaped and the basis for the nutritional habits of adulthood is formed. As a consequence, the starting point for a healthy adulthood is created in childhood.

Children are discerning diners. Therefore, we are in constant contact with our customers to know the wishes of our small and large diners.

DGE Premium certified

The Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann has received the DGE Premium logo for the menu line »Multi-serving dishes for pupils - elementary school«. The DGE logo was also awarded to the menu line »Multi-serving dishes for children - nurseries«. The two DGE certifications are based on a four-week meal plan, designed according to the "DGE quality standard for school catering" and/or the "DGE quality standard for meals in day care facilities for children". Since they are part of a partial catering, these menus can ideally contribute to a balanced and healthy diet in the worlds of life "school" and/or "nursery".

Here you can download the DGE certificate …


Additional information

For further information you can contact your consultant at Hofmann or get directly in touch with our nutritional advice team:
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The Hofmann nutritional counselling
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