The Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann in the media focus

09/2018Rundum-Sorglos-Konzepte: Die Menü Manufaktur Hofmann
07/2018"We have the best prospects for the future" - an interview of gv-praxis with Mr. Johannes Ulrich
04/2018Change in the management board - Mr. Reichelt and Mr.  Hanses take over
04/2018Contribution of the Menü Manufaktur Hofmann:Kitchen concept for the future Flat-Sharing Community
03/2018Award - DLG confirms sustainable quality performance
Concept of the Flat-Sharing Community of the future / Fachzeitschrift Altenheim pro Hauswirtschaft 2/2018
03/2018Exhibition for Geriatric Care 2018: New product future Flat-Sharing Community
03/2018Exhibition Altenpflege 2018 with the Menü Manufaktur Hofmann
02/2018The Menü Manufaktur Hofmann at didacta 2018
08/2017DGE recertifications with highest score passed!
07/2017Food needs appreciation
07/2017Successfully passed BIO certification
07/2017The BIOPAP®-Menüschale — new and unique!
04/2017New kitchen concept of Hofmann at the exhibition Altenpflege 2017
DLG confirms sustainable quality performance of the company Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur
02/2017Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur presents the  BioPap® multi-serve tray at the exhibition didacta 2017
02/2017The Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur at the exhibition didacta 2017
03/2016The Hofmann-Menü-Manufaktur presents its new catering concept
03/2016The Hofmann-Menü-Manufaktur continuously convinces with its DLG quality inspections
03/2015     DLG award for Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur
11/2014DLG quality inspection “Fisch & Seafood”: Expert jury awards all submitted menus
04/2014DLG medals for Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur
03/2014Long-term proven quality
10/2013GOLD for the “Menü-Manufaktur”
10/2013Golden Award for the all best
08/2013A pound for health catering
08/2013Consider new food trends
05/20132526 free-of-charge portions
05/2013Huge: Hearty greens roast
05/2013Ready for the Guinness Book of Records
01/2013Three chefs hats in Schweigern
01/2013Three chefs hats für Hofmann Menü
01/2013Focussing on the detail - Made in Heilbronn-Franken
09/2012DLG gold award for the all best for the 21st time - Quality certificate for a sustainable quality policy
05/201250.000 portions per day
05/2012Huge hustle and bustle in the valley Umpfertal
05/2012The largest Grünkernpfanne in Germany
05/2012Record Risotto
05/2012All pots under full steam
05/2012The Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur as been producing since 25 years in Tauberbischofsheim
02/2012Hofmann exhibition stand on passenger TV
11/2011DLG Medals
10/2011Gold for Hofmann Menü
09/2011Golden award to the best ones
12/2010A great success story
11/201023 DLG medals for the Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur
10/2010Sustainable quality policy praised
09/2010Award for the best ones
09/2010Commitment to quality
07/201050th Anniversary - That's what the press says
300,000 menus per day
A unique example for an innovativing middle-sized company
More gold medals than the fencers
5000 citizens as birthday guests
The future is Europe
Compliance with the highest quality standards
Constant expansion