In all fields of modern public catering

Qualified partners support us in the continuous inspection and further development of our catering systems:

  • agefo e.V. - Association for Taste Research
  • Landesanstalt für Schweinezucht (LSZ)
  • and many more ...

Our partners in detail

The Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann is a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geschmacksforschung (agefo e.V.). This association was founded by experienced industry, science, trade and culinary experts, and focusses on taste research and promotion. It offers its counselling over the use of herbs, spices, flavours and other ingredients and develops consumer-oriented and well-founded new products, product ideas and concepts.

The Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e. V. (German Agricultural Society) is one of the most important independent organizations when it comes to the qualified evaluation of food.

Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann continuously proves its high quality standards: For many years, we have been awarded the DLG company award "Prize for Longstanding Product Quality" in the DLG quality tests.

We specifically promote the exchange of experience among the movers and shakers from gastronomy and industry.

At eye level, practice-oriented, topic-oriented, setting impulses and pointing the way to the future!

We actively support you in:

  • Solve challenges
  • Understanding the market
  • Using expert knowledge
  • Implementing best practice
  • Meet decision makers

The All-Day School Association has set itself the goal of promoting and developing all-day schools.

The family-run Kuhn mill is our long-standing partner for high-quality flour. Just a few kilometers from Boxberg-Schweigern, the company processes and sells grain from conventional as well as organic regional cultivation - powered by hydroelectric power from the Tauber River, which produces the electricity for the mill operation.

For years, Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann has cooperated with the nearby Landesanstalt für Schweinezucht (LSZ) in Boxberg. The LSZ is an institution of the state of Baden-Württemberg directly subordinate to the Ministry of Rural Areas, Food and Consumer Protection. The animals are conceived and raised on site, slaughtered in a jointly built slaughterhouse and processed in our butchery a few kilometers away.

This ensures optimum animal welfare, respectful treatment of creation, species-appropriate state-operated rearing, avoidance of stress during fattening and transport, and thus exceptional meat quality.

myclimate is the leading provider of CO2 offsetting and carbon offset consulting. The organization develops high-quality carbon offset projects.

We offset unavoidable emissions in cooperation with myclimate and support a carbon offset project in Nepal, Terai Arc region. There, biogas plants benefit Nepalese families. All our menu packaging and the entire transport are thus CO2 neutral!

Food belongs on the plate and not in the garbage can. That's why we make sure to use ingredients as holistically as possible: Almost 100% of the products used are processed completely. We dispose of the small amount of food waste via ReFood in compliance with the law. This produces high-quality fertilizers and environmentally friendly energy.

The Schrozberg dairy farmers work cooperatively and thus have all decisions in their own hands. And these should above all benefit the quality of the products produced according to the strict Demeter guidelines!

The organic and Demeter-certified dairy of the Schrozberg dairy farmers supplies us with fresh milk and dairy products every day - guaranteed GMO-free.

Less speed - more quality.

Eating is a basic human need. But food is even more: Culture and enjoyment, the epitome of zest for life. Unfortunately, the rapid acceleration of all areas of life has not stopped at  the diet. On the other hand, the association Slow Food focusses on targeted deceleration, careful food handling, and preservation of regional fruit and vegetables and local animal breeds. We of the Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann share these goals. We pursue them together as a Slow Food supporter and partner.

Our potatoes and onions are supplied by the family-run company Wild GmbH from Eppingen.

Ecologically valuable - the "Wild" cycle: In the biogas plant, electricity is generated from potato and onion residues.