In all fields of modern public catering

Qualified partners support us in the continuous inspection and further development of our catering systems:

  • agefo e.V. - Association for Taste Research
  • NöckerBehnk Küchenpraxis
  • and many more ...

Our partners in detail

Our master chefs compose fine taste experiences in collaboration with the gourmet chefs Jörg Nöcker and Thorsten Behnk. Since only by a perfect and harmonious interaction of the best ingredients and excellent spices will create menus for the culinary delight.

Just like the Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann, also Vogt Keramik-Manufaktur focusses on craftsmanship.

Natural, individual and beautiful ceramic products as well as energy ceramic products with naturally effective microorganisms from your ceramic manufacture.

The Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann is a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geschmacksforschung (agefo e.V.). This association was founded by experienced industry, science, trade and culinary experts, and focusses on taste research and promotion. It offers its counselling over the use of herbs, spices, flavours and other ingredients and develops consumer-oriented and well-founded new products, product ideas and concepts.

The all-day school association has set itself the goal of promoting and developing all-day schools.

We are partner companies of the Duale Hochschule Mosbach for the course of study »Food Management« and train students according to the framework study plan in the practical aspects of this area of study.

The partnership-based cooperation with the biggest spa in the region of Baden-Württemberg is under the motto »Health and Nutrition«. In this context, we focus on the combination of health, enjoyment and well-being, especially with regard to age-appropriate meals.

Less speed - more quality.

Eating is a basic human need. But food is even more: Culture and enjoyment, the epitome of zest for life. Unfortunately, the rapid acceleration of all areas of life has not stopped at  the diet. On the other hand, the association Slow Food focusses on targeted deceleration, careful food handling, and preservation of regional fruit and vegetables and local animal breeds. We of the Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann share these goals. We pursue them together as a Slow Food supporter and partner.