The Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann - A Success Story


  • Foundation of the company in Dittigheim/Tauberbischofsheim from a butcher's shop


  • Relocation of the head office to Boxberg-Schweigern


  • Introduction of the »à la carte« system by replacing the simple meal plan


  • Opening of our manufacture in Unterschüpf with its own meat cutting and sausage production


  • Extension of the production in Unterschüpf and doubling of capacity
  • Extension of the range by introducing the menus Piccolino, designed for the "small appetite"


  • Acquisition of the company DK-Menü in Tauberbischofsheim


  • Foundation of the service company Hofmann-Menü Service GmbH


  • Introduction of a special menu program for elderly people


  • Introduction of the program »a la carte« for meal services
  • Foundation of the sales branch office in Austria


  • New brand image of the company Hofmann Menü GmbH


  • Cooperation with Jörg Nöcker (inventor of the fitness kitchen, initiator of the concept fit-for-fun and the star-cook-circle, founder and owner of the event and consulting agency »Der perfekte Gastgeber«


  • Introduction of Hofmann System Menu, the innovating catering system for social facilities


  • Introduction of the Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur Purity Requirement


  • The idea of the manufacture finds its expression in our new company name: Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur GmbH
  • Our competence in the service sector is guaranteed by the company  Hofmann Catering-Service GmbH
  • The promoter of the association Slow Food Germany, focussing on targeted deceleration, careful food handling, and preservation of regional fruit and vegetables and local animal breeds


  • Opening of the gourmet portal "Die Menü-Manufaktur" on the Internet at www.menue-manufaktur.de


  • Introduction of the "Hofmann Trink Menü" assortment: The new, innovating sip and supplementary feeding makes a very important contribution against malnutrition and to avoid dysphagia


  • Extension of our purity requirement with the addition "no artificial colours"
  • Recipes from the kitchen practice of gourmet chefs Jörg Nöcker and Thorsten Behnk


  • 50th company anniversary


  • Regular award: The 20th awarding of the »Gold Award of the Best« in Gold for many years of excellence in the DLG quality competitions


  • DGE certifications for school catering, nurseries and food on wheels according to DGE quality standards
  • Certification by the AG School catering of the University Niederrhein, Prof. Dr. Peinelt, with the highest rating »3 chef's hats« (3 Kuchmützen)


  • Introduction of a new company logo and name "Die Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann”
  • New menu assortment: Hofmann component menu
    Portion-accurate preparation option for an optimal use of the available goods


  • Award for long-term product quality by the DLG
  • DGE certification for hospitals according to the DGE quality standards
  • Launch of our "Manufacture Nature - Promise" - we guarantee you unadulterated taste with our natural menus
  • »Light Kitchen Balance« - menus in the company catering
    delicious lightness of maximum 600 kilocalories (kcal) per menu
  • Foundation of our Swiss subsidiary company "Hofmann Swiss Prime Menue AG"



  • Our new, innovating packaging concept: The compostable "BIOPAP menu shell" made of cellulose for a clean future
  • Future Flat-Sharing Community: Individual catering concept for housing groups for elderly people
  • Introduction of an energy management system according to the standard ISO 50001: 2011
  • New managing director for our Swiss subsidiary company "Hofmann Swiss Prime Menue AG" - Benjamin Keil - to expand sales activities in Switzerland


  • Foundation of the internal start-up "MAMA STOVE GmbH" - a fast and delicious snack solution in restaurant quality, contained in a practical, appealing box
  • Expansion of our »Manufaktur natur - Promise« with the addition of "no phosphates"
  • Market launch of BIOPAP® in Switzerland
  • Launch of the Facebook page of the Hofmann Menü Manufaktur


  • Expansion of our BIOPAP® range with the new menu line "Fitness Food"
  • Change within the management - Johannes Ulrich and Clemens Bettermann join the Advisory Board, and Joachim Reichelt and Frank Hanses take over