Our highlights on the table in the twinkling of an eye!

By choosing the Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann, you choose for a competent partner in all areas: We offer you the professional development of an individual and comprehensive equipment concept - from the storage and preparation of our dishes to the menu output and the cleaning of the appliances. You will get the perfect solution for all your kitchen requirements, new or second-hand.


To ensure the uninterrupted cold chain, you can get the required equipment from us - from the deep to the upright freezer (technical data - PDF format). Please keep the temperature of -18°C for proper storage.


We recommend the preparation in hot air devices so that you can immediately serve your guests our delicious menus at their best. The hot air devices for the menu preparation are available in different sizes (technical data - Palux and MenüMobil).

Here you can find the operating instructions for our hot air devices (Convotherm, Palux and MenuMobil). Please also consider the safety instructions contained therein for the operation of the devices.

Even after the preparation, you are well served with the Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann! You can for example use the tray systems for our different catering solutions or the transport isolation boxes to keep the prepared dishes warm.  We also provide you with the suitable products to clean the devices.  

Of course, Mr. Zierlein will be glad to be at your disposal for any questions about kitchen equipment at any time.



Mr. Wolfgang Zierlein
is at your disposal for any questions, suggestions and further information!

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